here are some things im currently using

1996 matchless lightning 2×10 – i used this amp exclusively on the last eager seas record “wilderness year” and almost every live event, its such a great amp. has the stock 10” matchless speakers.


jackson newcastle 30- ive wanted one of these since i first read about them on the gear page. im really excited to start putting this amp to work. im using a v30 speaker with this amp.


jackson ampworks britian 2.2- another amp im really excited to start using. so many options in this guy, tons of head room, you can blend the ef86 and 12a7 preamp channels, has a celestian alnico gold speaker.


2006 Gretsch 6118 Anniversary – this guitar is rad and its green. sounds really warm and almost acoustic. 


2012 gretsch 5422t- its a double cut with filtertrons of sorts. i hate gold hardware but it looks rad on this one. its got a little more bite to it than the other gretsch. i like the bigsby.


2012 Epiphone Wilshire- i used a les paul for the first eager seas record “between the now…” ive wanted one ever since, but i dont really like les pauls enough to drop the cash, i sort of like SG’s but they have a weird weight to them. i found this whileshire on craigslist for $85 bucks. i guess the owner and his wife got into a pretty heated argument, and she smashed his sg and the wilshire. this guitar was smashed into pieces. it was repaired/glued back together, and i bough it. its got a cool story and a rad tone- it has coil taps on both of the picktups, so you have some tone options i guess. i like playing slide with this guitar. it plays like an SG but feels a little better. if you look closely you can see a piece of the wood missing from the cutaway, and some of the cracks.


2008 Fender Telecaster 50RI- this has been my main guitar for a few years. i use it for everything. it just sounds good and feels right. i had some dmarzio pickups it in, but i put some old fender ones in it, i had it wired up 50’s style with some NOS paper in oil caps. i love everything about this guitar. not too bright, but good twang. 


2012 martin 000- i dont play acoustic too often, but this guitar works well. its a really warm sounding martin, the satin top really breathes well. it has fishman pickups in it. i write a lot of songs on this guitar, and i got a really crazy deal on it.

(L-R) 2001 Martin D18 with a K&K Pure Western Pickup, 2012 Martin 00-DB Jeff Tweedy With LR Baggs Lyric, 2014 J45 Standard with LR Baggs Element. I use a Radial PZ PRE preamp


12×24 gator g tour pedalboard


signal chain: mxr dyna comp – ehx pitchfork (or earthquaker devices organizer) – nash pedals dirty harry – ibanez ts9 – paul c timmy – boss tu2 – ernie ball volume jr – ehx deluxe memory man tap tempo 1100 (or old blood noise black fountain) – dunlop (vintage) ts1 (splits to stereo) – strymon timeline- strymon bigsky – (then to a few different amps).

I use lava tight rope solders cables, voodoo lab pedal power 2 power supply, alclair triple driver in ears, and  d’ addarrio strings and capo and dunlop slides, blue picks and tortex .75 or 1.0 mm picks.



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